Academic Information

Student Classification

  • Freshman: A student who has earned up to 30 semester hours.

  • Sophomore: A student who has earned 31-60 semester hours.

  • Junior: A student who has earned 61-90 semester hours.

  • Senior: A student who has earned 91-120 semester hours.

  • Graduate: A student who has been accepted into the Master’s Program.

  • Postgraduate: A student who has been accepted into the Doctoral Program or above.

Warren Robbins University International courses are based on the semester hour system.  All courses carry three (3) hours of credit unless otherwise indicated in the catalog.

Our credit hour system is based upon university norms of scholastic hours. Each of our credit hours represents an average of 15 classroom and/or study hours. Most of our courses are 3 credit hours indicating that at least 45 hours of study time is needed to complete that course.

Grading System
Work at Warren Robbins University International is assigned letter grades based on percentage points and assigned quality points as outlined below.


Grade Percentage


Points Awarded













 Above Average

























 69 and below



 Withdrawl by student



 Withdrawl by absence






A student must repeat any course in which he/she received a grade of 69 or below.

The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the quality points earned by the semester hours completed.  GPA is calculated only on credit hours earned at Warren Robbins University.

The lowest passing grade is D.  Students should keep in mind the fact that some universities and colleges do not accept a D in transfer.

If a course is repeated at this institution, only the best grade in the course is counted in computing the GPA.

Time Limit for Distance Education Students
Students enrolled in the Distance Education Program work at their own pace.  It is suggested; however, that each individual course be completed within a twelve-week period in order to keep the student motivated in his/her education pursuits. The Dean of Academic Affairs, in extreme circumstances, may grant additional time.

Confidentiality of Student Records
Warren Robbins University International, in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, will maintain all records in accordance with the provisions of the act as amended.  A student’s file will be open to him/her, but not to another person without his/her written consent, with the exception of the official faculty and staff members of the University who have a professional right to this material.

Academic Honesty
Warren Robbins University International expects its students to maintain high Christian standards of personal and scholarly conduct.  Students guilty of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary action.  Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a examination or other academic work, plagiarism, and collusion.  The staff member is responsible for initiating action for each case of academic dishonesty that occurs to their knowledge.

Scholastic Standing
Students in the undergraduate program, who have a GPA (Grade Point Average) below 2.0 after completing 12 credits, will be placed on academic probation.

Any graduate students having a GPA below 3.0 after completing 12 credits will be placed on academic probation.

Postgraduate students who have a GPA below 3.2 after completing 12 credits will be placed on academic probation.

Each student will be given a twenty-four week period for the raising of his or her GPA to the required figure. Each student may receive academic and personal counseling through the Student Mentor Program to ensure the maximum opportunity for academic success during this period of time.  A student who fails to improve their GPA within this period will be academically dismissed from Warren Robbins University International for twelve weeks. The student may reapply for admission and, if accepted will be on probation for the first twelve weeks after readmission.  If, during the twelve weeks, the student fails to maintain an appropriate GPA they shall be permanently dismissed from Warren Robbins University International.

Student Mentor Program
Each student enrolled in a program at WRUI will have someone available to advise them when the need arises.  The student, along with a member of the administration, will select a program of study that is outlined in the catalog.

Honor Programs
There are currently two honor programs at WRUI.  The President’s honor roll is for students maintaining a GPA of 3.5 to 3.84. The Chancellor’s honor roll is for students maintaining a GPA of 3.85 to 4.0.

One official transcript will be given to the student.  All official transcripts sent at the student’s request to another institution will be assessed a fee of $5.00.  No transcripts will be issued to, or for a student who has failed to meet all financial obligations.

Personalized Study Plan for Advanced Placement Students
It is the policy of WRUI to assist in the selection of an individual plan of study for each student who chooses our advanced placement option. Our faculty believes that each individual is a creation of God designed for a specific purpose, and to best fulfill that purpose they need studies designed to meet their goals and needs.  For this reason students at the university are treated in a different manner than at most schools.  Through a program of testing, life experience, resume, portfolio and academic review, the student’s program of study is selected.  The student’s program of study may be modified at specific points (as per the student’s academic contract) to accommodate possible changes of goals and needs.  For information concerning specific programs of study please contact the Office of Administration. The Office of Administration will confer with the Dean of Academic Affairs for a decision on an appropriate program.

Academic Review Board
This is a board of qualified faculty members and outside specialists in several fields of study.  Their main purpose is to assist in the selection of curriculum that will be used by each student throughout their program of study.

Withdraw from the University
An application for withdraw from the University must be requested from the Office of the Registrar.  A student who fails to withdraw officially will receive a grade of F in all courses in progress.

Application for Degree
A candidate for a degree must apply for the degree by filling an “Application for Graduation” with the Registrar no later than 30 days from completion of all program courses.
To be considered for degree conferral, a candidate must be in good standing with the University.  All contractual and financial obligations to the University must be satisfied.

Degrees are awarded at completion of the students program. Graduation ceremonies are held once a year in Basseterre, St. Kitts – Nevis, place to be announced. All students who desire may participate.

The Academic Board of WRUI grants degrees only after a review of the student’s records from both the Office of the Registrar and the Department of Finance. All academic and financial requirements must be fulfilled prior to the issuance of any certificate or degree.

Declared Majors
All degree programs at WRUI are in religious fields of study, except for specially designed programs. Majors include Biblical Studies, Ministry, Theology, and Religious Education, and specially designed programs.

To properly facilitate the program of study “all majors must be declared at the time of enrollment”.  Should a student desire to make a change at a later date, it may be facilitated with the approval of the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Audit Policy
A student may enroll to audit one or more courses under the following conditions:
1.    Application to audit a course must be made through the Registrar’s Office.  Approval of audit request is at the discretion of the Registrar, and a record of audit enrollment is kept in the Registrar’s Office.
2.    When a student audits a course and later seeks credit in that content area, an official paid enrollment and satisfactory completion of the course is required.
3.    An audit fee is required for each course at the time the request is submitted.  Information about the fee structure is available from the Registrar’s Office.  Fees associated with an audit request are not refunded unless WRUI denies the audit request.

Program and Curriculum Information
Our degree programs and courses are developed to give the student a broad input of information.  WRUI does not adhere to any one author or textbook publisher. Our courses are chosen on the basis of educational value not the denominational bias of the author. We feel this creates a better educational base in the student. In this catalog, each course is identified by a three-digit number. The first digit of each number indicates the level or academic year that the course is normally taken (1-freshmen, 2-sophomore, 3-junior, 4-senior, 5-graduate, 6-postgraduate, 7-postgraduate Theological)

Our course numbers are divided between an alpha division prefix and a numeric course number. The division prefix codes are as follows:





 Biblical Studies


 Christian Education


 Chrstian Psychology








 Pastorial Studies






The second and third digits indicate departmental sequence.  For example, AP 101 is a freshmen course.
Course descriptions include information about course content and leaning objective