Admission to Warren Robbins University International is open to qualified individuals, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or educationally unrelated handicaps.  Applications can be obtained by contacting the Registrar’s Office and are accepted at any time during the calendar year.

Pre-Enrollment Recommendations
Materials needed for Application
1.    Application for admission can be obtained by contact the U.S. Administrative office
2.    Official transcript from high school/ colleges previously attended
3.    Application fee, $35.00

Each of the above items must be received before an application can be evaluated. Other documents may be requested as needed.
Applications are accepted any time of the year.

Upon completion of evaluation by WRUI Admissions, a letter will be forwarded to the applicant informing him/her of their standing. If applicant is accepted for studies, WRUI will keep the application active for three (3) months.  Materials submitted by applicants who do not enroll at WRUI are destroyed after one calendar year.  If a student reapplies within the calendar year, he/she must complete a new application and pay the applications fee.  Official documents received for a previous application may be added to the new file.  If a student has completed work since applying with WRUI, he/she must provide final official transcripts and/or score reports.  If a student applies for admission more than one year after submitting a previous application, he/she will be required to submit the completed application, the application fees and a complete set of transcripts.

Official High School Transcripts
To be considered official, the high school transcript must bear an original signature of a school official and an original school seal.  Faxed copies are not official.  Transcripts in a language other than English must be accompanied by an official English translation.

Official College Transcripts
An official transcript is required from every post-secondary institution attended, even if the applicant did not earn credit or receive a course grade from the institution, or the course is not transferable.  Course work from one college posted on the transcript of another college will not satisfy this requirement.

In some cases obtaining an official transcript is not possible due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. In this case, a letter from the student with supporting documentation and 2 reference letters from anyone familiar with your enrollment in another college will be considered for transfer of credits.

General Educational Development (GED) Tests
A GED will be considered equivalent to a high school diploma, provided the average standard score is at least 45 or no sub-score is less that 40.  The student’s high school class must have been graduated at least one calendar year before in the intended date of enrollment.  An official copy or photocopy of the results must be submitted.

Home-Schooled or Non-Accredited High School Graduates
Home schooled students must provide proof or curriculum completed from an agency or teacher.  Faxed copies are not official.  Foreign transcripts must be accompanied by an English translation and an evaluation of course work by a foreign credentials evaluation service.
Application Fee
Students applying for admission to WRUI are required to pay a non-refundable application processing fee of $35.  Check or money orders should be made payable to Warren Robbins University International.  The application fee must be submitted with the application forms.

International Students
Admission of international students to the undergraduate program at WRUI is based upon graduation from a secondary school (lyceum, senior middle school, high school, preparatory school, or other equivalent) in a system equivalent to at least 12 grades.  Students must supply the University with official transcripts of academic work translated into English.  The quality of the applicant’s prior secondary or collegiate-level work is judged from the grades, class attained, or class rank achieved.  International applicants must submit application for admission and application fee. Application fee is non-refundable.  Payment must be made by bank cashier’s check or money order payable to Warren Robbins University International.
All application materials must be sent to the WRUI – U.S. Administrative office.  Applications cannot be processed until all materials are received.  A formal admission letter will be issued to applicants accepted by Warren Robbins University International.

Transfer Students
At the time of application, students who have attempted college level credit at another institution after high school arte considered transfer students.  Applicants must submit final official transcripts from each college or university attended.  Only credits of a 2.0 G.P.A. at an undergraduate level and 3.0 GPA for graduate level will be considered if they meet the criteria for the student’s program of study at WRUI.  The WRUI registrar must approve all transfer of credits. All transfer credit fees apply and must be paid for graduation approval to be granted.

Each program has a maximum number of transfer credits allowed.

Warren Robbins University International reserves the right to determine whether transfer credits meet the criteria for the program in which you are enrolling.

Life Credits and Advanced Placement
The faculty of WRUI recognizes that Life Experience is important to the applying students.  WRUI will issue credit for applicable, documented work experience.  Examples of life experience include ministerial experience, achievement in a related profession, or other post-secondary level experience. Such credits are awarded by the Academic Review Board, and may not exceed 25% of the requirements of a program of study.  These credits will be applicable only to programs at the Associate and Bachelor level. All Life Experience credits are determined via the Academic Portfolio process. A one-time fee must accompany your portfolio. See Tuition and Fees appendix for details. If you desire to apply for life credits, you must ask for the Advanced Placement Application Packet. In this packet you will find instructions for successfully completing all life credit requirements. Please allow more time for the application process when asking for life credit evaluation. You will need more time to complete your application and we need more time for the evaluation process.

Students who have previously attended WRUI and are returning after one or more long semesters’ absence may apply for readmission.  Applicants must submit an application for readmission and pay a  $35.00 application fee.  Transcripts from institutions attended since last enrollment at WRUI are required.