AA-Biblical Studies

The Associate level degree program requires the completion of 60 hours/credits, the equivalent of two years of academic work for completion.  This program provides the introductory knowledge and skills required for those preparing for service in any Christian ministry.  These will be in a standardized program of study. There is only one major offered at this time, a major in Biblical Studies.


 Students enrolled in the Associate of Biblical Studies degree program must have completed and received a high school diploma or its equivalent

       Graduation Requirements –

1.  Complete 60 credit hours. The maximum number of credits allowed to be transferred into this program is 30.

2.  Courses completed must include all freshman and sophomore courses.

3. Earn a 2.0 GPA on studies at WRUI

4. Complete the Petition for Graduation in the Admissions and Records Office by the end of the month of anticipated graduation.

5. Settle all financial obligations to the college.

6. Attend commencement activities if possible.

          Curriculum –

Freshman Courses

 Division of Study

 Course #


 Credit Hrs



 AP 101



 AP 102

 How We Got the Bible


 Biblical Studies

 BI 101

 Old Testament Survey 1


 BI 102

 Old Testament Survey 2


 BI 103

 Bible Survey



 HI 102

 Manners and Customs


 HI 103

 The Contemporary 12


 HI 104

 History of the Church 1


 HI 105

 History of the Church 2



 TH 101

 All Doctrines of the Bible


Total Credits for Freshman Courses                   30

Sophomore Courses

  Division of Study

 Course #


 Credit Hrs


 AP 201

 Bible Covenants


 Bible Studies

 BI 201

 New Testament Survey 1


 BI 202

 New Testament Survey 2


 BI 203

 Bible Surveys



 ES 201

 Major Prophets


 ES 202

 Minor Prophets



 PN 201

 Book of Acts


 Pastorial Studies

 PS 201

 Ministerial Ethics



 TH 201

 Life and Teachings of Christ


 TH 203

 Fundamentals of Christian Doctrine


Total Credits for Sophomore Courses                   30

AP 101 Creation
This course will aid the student in understanding the Creative Scripture.  It is designed to acquaint the student with an overview of the book of the Old Testament dealing with creation.

AP 102 How We Got The Bible
A course that introduces the student to the Bible – as to its origin, language, canon, and its inspiration.

AP 201 Bible Covenants
The word “covenant” involves promise, loyalty, commitment, and faithfulness.  In this course, the student will be enlightened concerning not only God’s responsibility concerning His covenants, but also man’s responsibility concerning his and God’s covenants.

BI 101 Old Testament Survey 1
An examination of the content of the Old Testament with attention given to the following stages: The Creative Stage, The Patriarchal Stage, The Exodus Stage, The Conquest Stage and The Judges Stage.

BI 102 Old Testament Survey 2
Continuation of BI 101-examination of the content of the Old Testament with attention given to the following stages: The United Kingdom Stage, The Chaotic Kingdom Stage, The Captivity Stage and The Return Stage.

BI 103 Bible Survey 1
An introductory course designed to help the student develop basic skills for Bible Study.  The major emphasis will be on the inductive method along with general applications to other methods of studying the Bible.

BI 201 New Testament Survey 1
An examination of the content of the New Testament with attention given to the following stages: The Gospel Stage, The Early Church Stage, The Epistle Stage – Galatians, I & II Corinthians, I & II Thessalonians.

BI 202 New Testament Survey 2
Continuation of BI 201 – examination of the New Testament with attention given to the following stages: The Epistle Stage – Romans through Revelation.

BI 203 Bible Survey 2
A continuing course designed to not only help the student develop deeper skills of Bible study, but to train them to be able to effectively teach others from a basic lesson plan approach.

BI 204 The Book Of Romans
This course of study is designed for an analytical and expository study of Romans, which emphasizes the theological development, structure and doctrines.

ES 201  Major Prophets
A survey of the background, occasion, and content of the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.

ES 202  Minor Prophets
A study of the historical background, authorship, and an analysis of the writings of Minor Prophets.

HI 101  Jewish Social Life
As the student steps back into time into the home of a typical Hebrew family in the times of Jesus, he is treated to a feast of all the sociological situations of that family, including: business, home, family, fellowship and rituals.

HI 102  Manners And Customs
This course is designed to enable the student to understand the scriptures in the light of manners and customs of Bible land.  This course provides insight into customs behind the Old and New Testament passages.

HI 103  The Contemporary Twelve
Twelve men shook the world 2,000 years ago.  Who were they?  This course brings these fascinating personalities together and shows how their lives are relevant to develop faith and character in the lives of Christian today.

HI 104  History Of The Church 1
This course covers the study of church history during the Apostolic Age, the Ante-Nicene period, and the Post-Nicene period, emphasizing the doctrinal development during this time.

HI 105  History Of The Church 2
The course covers the study of church history from the Medieval Period to the Protestant Reformation; emphasis being on the study of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and others to the present.

HI 201  Babylon
This course is designed to teach an historical account of how, when, why, and where ancient paganism was mixed with Christianity and the relevance today concerning rites and rituals in modern religion.

PN 201  The Book Of Acts
The study will be an analytical and expository study of Acts with emphasis on the transitional nature of the book.

PN 202  Introduction To Pneumatology
The student is given an overview of the person and work of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing His personality, His work in the Old Testament, and His unique work in relation to the Church.

PS 201  Ministerial Ethics
A study of Christian values from a Biblical perspective.

TH 201 The Life And Teaching Of Christ
A presentation of the Life of Christ based on the harmony of the Four Gospels.

TH 202 Leadership Course
This course is designed to help the individual to examine his/her personal areas of strength and weakness as a leader.

TH 203 Foundations Of Christian Doctrine
This course is designed to teach a strong Bible foundation, providing relevant and clear presentations of the great doctrines of faith.  It provides an intermediate approach between in-depth doctrinal studies and the simplistic.

TH 204  Introduction to Restoration
A course designed to study the special needs, problems and opportunities associated with adults to restore their Christian walk.