BA-Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies program provides the educational background needed by those preparing for service in any Christian ministry.  When combined with the Associate program, this program contains a total of 120 credit hours. Each of our four years of study builds upon the knowledge of the year prior. This creates a well-rounded Biblical knowledge base. Graduates of this program will leave WRUI with basic Biblical knowledge from all areas of the Word of God. These will be in a standardized program of study. There is only one major offered at this time, a major in Biblical Studies.


To enroll in the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree program applicants must have completed an Associates level degree program or its equivalent, completing 60 credit hours of study.

Graduation Requirements-

The student must:

1.   Complete at least 120 credit hours of courses required for a Bachelors degree.

2.   Complete at least 75 credit hours at WRUI. The maximum number of credits allowed to be transferred into this program is 45.

3.   Earn a 2.0 GPA at WRUI

4.   Complete the Petition for Graduation in the Admissions and Records Office by the end of the month of anticipated graduation.

5.   Settle all financial obligations to the college.

6.   Attend commencement activities if possible.

Curriculum –

Junior Courses

 Division of Study  Course #  Description  Credit Hrs
 Apologetics  AP 302  Artifact Discoveries  3
 Biblical Studies  BI 301  Apostolic Succession  3
   BI 302  Harmony of the Gospels  3
   BI 303  Psalms  3
   BI 304  Proverbs  3
 Eschatology  ES 301  Mysteries of Religion  3
 Pastorial Studies  PS 301  Psychology and Counseling  3
 Theology  TH 302  The Temple  3
   TH 303  The Tabernacle  3
   TH 304  All Prayers of the Bible  3

   Total Credits for Junior Courses               30

Senior Courses

 Division of Study   Course #   Description  Credit Hrs
 Apologetics  AP 401  Archaeology of the Bible  3
 Biblical Studies  BI 401  Historical Books  3
 Eschatology  ES 401  Revelations – The Unveiling  3
   ES 402  Dispensational Truths  3
 Pastorial Studies  PS 402  Pastorial Epistles  3
   PS 403  Homiletics  3
   PS 404  Hermenuetics  3
 Theology  TH 401  Kindom of Cults 1  3
   TH 402  Kindom of Cults 2  3
   TH 403  Systematic Theology  3

   Total Credits for Senior Courses               30


AP 301 Christian Apologetics
A course of study that defends the Christian Faith against counter – claimants to truth.

AP 302 Artifact Discoveries
This course is a study of one man’s journey into Biblical discoveries and their relevance for today. Included in this study are the discoveries of: Noah’s Ark, the Red Sea crossing place of the children of Israel, the Cross holes on Golgotha, and the Ark of the Covenant.

AP 401 Archaeology And The Bible
A study of archaeology in Bible lands.  This course will strengthen the student’s faith in the inerrancy of the Scriptures as seen through archaeology.

BI 301 Apostolic Succession
A comprehensive study and evaluation of all the prophets in the Bible.

BI 302 Harmony of the Gospels
A survey of the background, contents, and occasion of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

BI 303 Psalms
An analysis of the literary structure, theological content, and historical – Biblical context of the book of Psalms.

BI 304 Proverbs
An analytical study of the book of Proverbs to prepare the student to make Biblical decisions in any area of his/her life.

BI 401 Historical Books
The student will study the theme, outline, and content of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I-II Samuel, I-II Kings, I-II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

ES 301  Mysteries Of Religion
This course is designed to open the Bible to the stories and passages that puzzle us, fascinate us or make us curious to know more.  It includes things such as miracles, lost cities and forgotten places, curious customs, and strange gods.

ES 401  Revelation – The Unveiling
An in-depth study of the book of Revelation involving those things that are to come.  Much attention is given to its historical setting and prophecy.

ES 402  Dispensational Truths
An in-depth study of the doctrine of God’s plan of the ages.  The study allows the student to see God’s plan at work during the time from creation to the end of the age.

PN 302  Advanced Pneumatology
This course of study is a detail study of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing His personality, His work in the Old Testament, and His unique work in relation to the church.

PS 301  Psychology Of Counseling
A study intended to help pastors and other Christian leaders to develop proficiency in enabling individuals to solve their problems.  The course looks at basic counseling techniques derived from scriptural principles.

PS 401  Hebrew Epistles
The exposition of the book of Hebrews allows the student to consider the authorship and its relationship to the Old Testament.

PS 402  Pastoral Epistles
This course gives an analytical and expository study of I-II Timothy and Titus, which examines their teaching concerning leadership, organization of the church, and the ministry.

PS 403  Homiletics
This course of study consists of sermon preparations related to the arrangement, introduction, body, and conclusions of various types of sermons – doctrinal, topical, textual, and expository

PS 404  Hermeneutics
This is a study of the underlying principles of Biblical interpretation.  It deals with the methods of interpretation of the scriptures.  It helps develop the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge for rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
PS 405  Mastering Pastoral Counseling
An in-depth study of methodology, philosophy, and skills required to implement effective pastoral, or Christian leaders, counseling techniques.

TH 301 The Tabernacle
A study of the Old Testament tabernacle in regards to types and foreshadows of Christ, showing great spiritual truths

TH 302 The Temple
Both Christ and the Church are spoken of as the “Temple of God” in the New Testament.  The Temple of Solomon and it’s revelations are the basis for all other temples.  This course is designed to teach the relevance of that Temple to Christ and His church today.

TH 303 Advanced Tabernacle
This study is an advanced and in-depth study of the tabernacle in regards to spiritual truth.

TH 401  Kingdom Of The Cults I
A study of major cults in comparison to Christianity.

TH 402  Kingdom Of The Cults II
A continuation of TH 401 – the study of major cults in comparison to Christianity.

TH 403  Systematic Theology
A penetrating analysis of the great doctrines of the Christian Faith.