Letter From the Chancellor

G. Calvin Cearley
D. Min., D.D.

Dear Prospective Student,

We appreciate your interest in furthering your Biblical studies with Warren Robbins University International and hope you select us as the training center of choice.

Several years ago Dr. Yates and I began to see the need for an excellent Bible Study that could not only produce a study course of the highest Biblical curriculum, but at the same time restrain the high cost of education today.  We continued in prayer about this situation believing God would one day bring this plan into existence.  Over the years this observation and prayer has been given to each of us through a God given conviction and commitment to educating, not the masses, but the pastors, Christian workers, evangelists, and teachers that truly desire a great biblical education for an affordable price.

Though sacrifice is life changing, we feel it would be best served in the fields of God’s labors than paid in tuition.  This conviction encourages us to keep the costs minimal for the students of WRUI.

We are committed to keeping WRUI a university that will always be recognized as one of the foremost centers of biblical education internationally.

Warren Robbins University International’s founders and the Board of Regents are committed to excellence.  We have an excellent staff of professors and Biblical instructors with a commitment and readiness to train or assist any student with whatever help that might arise.

In His Grace,
G. Calvin Cearley, D. Min., D.D.