Letter From the President

L.D. Kramer
D.D., D.Min., L.H.D.

Dear Prospective Student,

Warren Robbins University International is an institution dedicated to excellence in Christian education. Our dedicated faculty embodies the expertise of ministerial professionals with international and multicultural experience.  We prepare our students to rank among the world’s finest Christian workers, counselors, administrators, educators, ministers, apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors and teachers.  Every instructor will help prepare you for the challenges facing God’s call upon your life.

If your heart is turned toward reaping the world harvest then WRUI may be the place for you.  Our curriculum can help meet your educational needs and train you to continue to study God’s Word throughout your life.  If you join us I can promise that your faith will grow through instruction from God’s Word.  We will teach you to yield to the power of the Holy Spirit and help you achieve your optimum potential in God.  As you study with us you will learn to practically apply biblical principles to your everyday life and ministry.

Are you spiritually hungry to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness?  Then you are a candidate to receive God’s best for your life.  Come and learn to share your gifts with others.  An education at WRUI may be the best investment you can give yourself, your family and those God has called to you reach. We want to help you learn to multiply God’s kingdom on earth and throughout eternity.

We would cherish the opportunity to develop a life long relationship with you.  You are welcome to join us in building God’s kingdom together.  Why not embark on the great discovery of God’s intimate love for you?  As you begin to seek Him with all your heart I believe you will enjoy new depths of spiritual achievement. God has a special plan for your life and my prayer for you is that you will find it.

L.D. Kramer, D.D., D.Min., L.H.D.